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April 2018

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Order Management:

  • There are now new filters to use before you launch the report.
  • You can move columns around; this can be saved, so that the columns remain in the desired order.
  • There are new ways to filter within each column.
  • Updated changes to the interface provide a refreshed user experience.

Add Your Own Logo

In the company page of your FreightPOP account, you can upload your company logo.

This logo will appear on:

  • Packing Slips
  • Invoices

Customer shipment notifications that come from FreightPOP

Manage Your Customer's Freight Accounts

When shipping to your customer and they are paying the charges via collect or 3rd party, you can now save those account details in the account book in FreightPOP.

You can access this when shipping and selecting the recipient or 3rd party. You will see a blue button labeled “Accounts” in the account details window.

Expanded List of Truckload Accessorials

  • Debris Removal
  • Placement
  • Removal/ Disposal (Existing Features)


  • Blanket Wrap
  • Dollies Required
  • Straps Required
  • Decking Required
  • Ramps Required
  • Pallet Jack Required
  • Labor to Load 2 People
  • Labor to Unload 2 People

Customize Your Shipping Documents

From within your documents and labels tab of your company page, you can customize the message at the bottom of your packing slip and invoice.

Insert Dimensions into your BOL

You can now insert the dimensions of your shipments into your BOL

Print Parcel Return Labels

There is a checkbox in the SHIP FROM address form that you can now check off so our system can auto-generate a return label for you to include at the time of shipping

Changes to Canceling Shipments

We have added a safeguard so you don’t accidentally cancel a shipment that was processed. Before canceling a shipment, the system now asks you to enter the email of the user you are logged in as. This helps avoid mistakes and provides traceability of who canceled certain shipments.

New Carriers We Have Added:

  • Global Tranz
  • Holland

Clone Users

We have made it easier for you to create new users by cloning current ones and copying all of the settings from those current users.

Add External Shipments to Your In-Transit Report

Import or add any shipment not processed via FreightPOP to view in your in-transit report until its delivered.