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August 2017

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Release notes for August 2017

Aug - 1:

Uploading preassigned PRO number: Users can now upload booklets of preassigned PRO numbers in case they don’t want the PRO that gets assigned by the carrier at the time of shipping.

Aug - 3:

Upgrade to International Ocean Freight Carrier Templates: Users can now use multiple types of rates provided by ocean carriers.

Aug - 6:

We have added R+L Carriers to the list of LTL carriers we support

We have added Daylight Transport to the list of LTL carriers we support

Aug - 10: 

Default Notes to BOL: User can now have a list of predefined notes to choose from to add on BOLs.

Product Catalogs: User can now store and manage item information in FreightPOP. This will allow more information to auto populate into customs forms. 

Aug - 11:

Optional NMFC Field: Uses now have an option to use NFMC numbers on BOLs.

Aug - 22:

Vision Express now has a pick up API: All pickups for Vision express will go directly to their servers now without sending any emails. 

Aug - 28:

MySQL: We have integrated the first MySQL WMS into FreightPOP. Going forward any MySQL system can be integrated.