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FreightPOP at Acumatica Summit 2024: Revolutionizing Multimode TMS with Seamless Integration

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As the dawn breaks on a bustling Tuesday at Acumatica Summit 2024, the FreightPOP team reflects on an exhilarating start to the event. Nestled at booth #505, we've been at the heart of the action, engaging with a diverse array of Acumatica users and VARs. Our mission? To showcase our unique position as Acumatica's only natively integrated multimode Transportation Management System.


At FreightPOP, we understand the critical role of seamless integration in today's fast-paced logistics landscape. Our presence at the Summit is more than just an exhibit; it's a testament to our commitment to providing a natively integrated solution that harmoniously blends with Acumatica ERP. This integration isn't just about connectivity – it's about enhancing the logistics processes integral to the success of shippers everywhere.

Over the past couple of days, our booth has been a hub of activity, featuring live demonstrations of our new user interface and the robust capabilities of our Acumatica integration. Attendees have witnessed firsthand how FreightPOP streamlines shipping operations, turning complex logistics challenges into simplified, manageable tasks. Our team has engaged in meaningful conversations, delving into how our solution empowers businesses to optimize their shipping strategies efficiently.

The Summit's networking reception on Sunday evening kicked off our journey, providing an excellent platform for us to connect with key industry players. From casual discussions at our booth to more in-depth meetings, the opportunities for forging meaningful relationships have been abundant. Our focus has not only been on showcasing our product but also on understanding the evolving needs of Acumatica users and how FreightPOP can continue to innovate to meet these demands.


A highlight of our discussions has been the tangible benefits of FreightPOP's integration with Acumatica. This native solution mirrors the connectivity and synergy that shippers expect from ERP and TMS integration. By enhancing logistics processes, FreightPOP offers a streamlined, efficient approach to managing shipments, reducing manual errors, and improving overall operational efficiency.

As we approach the end of the Summit, the feedback from attendees has been overwhelmingly positive. We've gathered valuable insights into the specific needs of the Acumatica community, allowing us to tailor our offerings even more closely to these requirements. The trends and challenges discussed here will undoubtedly shape our roadmap and strategy moving forward. With just one day left, we anticipate more engaging conversations and opportunities to demonstrate the power of FreightPOP. Our team remains excited and ready to connect with more attendees, sharing our vision for a more integrated and efficient shipping and logistics world.


For those who have visited our booth and engaged with us, we extend our heartfelt thanks. Your insights and feedback are invaluable. For those who haven't yet had the chance, we invite you to stop by booth 505 to experience the future of integrated shipping solutions.

The conversation doesn't end here. We encourage interested parties to reach out to our team post-event for more information, personalized demonstrations, or to discuss potential partnerships. Special incentives await Acumatica Summit attendees, ensuring that the momentum from the event continues to drive forward.

As FreightPOP closes out its journey at Acumatica Summit 2024, we remain committed to empowering businesses with our innovative, integrated TMS solutions. We look forward to continuing our conversations, collaborations, and innovations, driven by the interactions and insights gained from this event. Join us in revolutionizing the way businesses approach their logistics and shipping challenges.

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