Need ways to save on your shipping spend? Do you have a robust auditing process that captures carrier invoice discrepancies and allows you to monitor service levels? If no, start there.

Most shippers do not audit their invoices thoroughly, or at all. It can be a tedious process that many do not allocate the time or staff for. A lot of money is left on the table by ignoring invoicing errors, and with the shipping software currently on the market, there is no excuse not to go after that money! There are ways to automate locating invoicing errors and initiating refund processes.

FreightPOP Parcel and Freight PDFIn our latest guide, Parcel & Freight Auditing, we take an in-depth look into: 

  • The Savings Potential In Auditing Carrier Invoices
  • How To Centralize and Automate Invoices Auditing
  • Tips on What To Look For When Auditing

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