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New TMS Features Announced for June 2020

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Exciting new TMS features rolled for June include new Pick & Pack Configurations, Carrier Portals, Canadian Localization, Carrier Updates, and more!

June Updates

  • Pick & Pack Configurations
    • Enhances Pick & Pack efficiency
    • Aids 3PLs and shippers without WMSs or ERPs to normalize ordering processes 
    • Quickier scanning and approving of multiple items in an overall shipment
    • Improved accuracy and happier customers
    • Reduced freight penalties and labor to correct shipping errors 
  • Carrier Portals
    • Allows your low tech/non-integratable carriers to access a portal where they can upload rates, invoices, and provide shipment tracking
    • Central place where carriers can enter the data shippers need to follow 
    • Self service, full connection for better visibility with mom & pop carriers 
  • Canadian Localization
    • All Canada customers can opt into seeing CAD currency - UI will also support Canadian naming conventions
  • Carrier Updates
    • New Carrier: Diamond Line Delivery (LTL Carrier)
    • Return shipments for LTL carriers are now able to be processed using the Generate Returns buttons
    • FedEx can support different ref numbers per package on a single shipment
    • FedEx multi-package hazmat shipments now supported
    • Tracking information can be manually updated for integrated Carriers
  • New Integrations & Shipping Paperwork
    • New ERP Integration features
      • NAV can be configured for creating AP transactions after invoices have been audited
    • Changes to Invoice and Packing Slip: new section for SOLD TO was added. New field also added were; Incoterm, Payment terms and Payment Due date
    • Freight Invoices can be mass approved
  • Ocean Shipments 
    • The system allows for mass upload of container IDs with gross weight, net weight and seal numbers. 
    • Data also now prints on the packing slips 

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