We have compiled a list of customer reviews that highlight our shipping software's functionality, implementation, and customer service capabilities.

We use Capterra to help gauge customer feedback on FreightPOP's solution. Capterra assists customers on software selection by gathering customer reviews on behalf of technology companies. We have compiled trends we are noticing through our Capterra reviews that show where our strengths lie. 

Most of the customer reviews have been about our functionality, implementation, and customer service. Reviewers represent small companies, to companies with up to 10,000 employees.

Reviewers represent roles such as: 

  • Administrators
  • Directors of distribution logistics
  • Distribution center managers 
  • Ecommerce coordinators
  • Staff accountants 
  • Supply chain analysts 
  • Transportation managers
  • Warehouse supervisors

Below are highlights of FreightPOP’s customer reviews.

FreightPOP's Functionality

“Saved time on booking shipments. Saved money on freight costs. Ease of use - Ability to import my own carriers and rates. Eliminates the need to use multiple systems to get the best rates and transit times.”

Warehouse Supervisor
Computer Hardware, 11-50 employees
Used the software for: 2+ years

“Ease of operations, tracking ability, bill auditing. It has freed up our logistics person to do other things that he could not do before. I am able to use as many freight providers as I would like, so the competition is helping to keep shipping costs down. We get great reporting, tracking is much easier, and ability to send out spot quotes. It is so easy to rate shop and find the best option for our freight. The (customer) support that we have gotten has helped us work through any issue right away."

Distribution Center Manager
Using FreightPOP: 6+ months

“The ability to ship things quickly and shop our various carrier rates at the same time without logging into multiple websites.”

Staff Accountant
Computer Hardware, 11-50 employees
Using FreightPOP: 12+ months

“Saved time on shopping rates and tracking. Really like how FreightPOP is easy to use. Really seems like it was created with the user in mind. - Ability to shop and ship across Parcel and LTL, etc. Tracking is great too because previously I spent way too much time calling carriers to track shipments for customers. Used other TMS's but this one is the best I've found so far, especially at it's price.” 

Ecommerce Coordinator
Apparel & Fashion, 11-50 employees
Using FreightPOP: 6+ months


FreightPOP’s Implementation

“Easy software to set up, literally in seconds after you sign up to their portal. Once you have your account set up you can set up your carriers and customers and start shipping within minutes. If you have a technical question their service team is great and they go far and beyond to get your problem solved.”

Using FreightPOP: 12+ months

“Very easy to use, customer support is very responsive and addresses problems quickly. The process is self explanatory, and allows anyone to ship something knowing they are getting the best rates.”

Staff Accountant
Computer Hardware, 11-50 employees
Using FreightPOP: 12+ months 

“This software is very easy to use (and) is very good at collecting the data. Their customer service is too good and they always help you whenever you face any problem. It has many great features to keep track of your shipments.”

Transportation Manager
Transportation/Trucking/Railroad, 10,001+ employees
Using FreightPOP: 1-2 years

“Easy to use. You only need to input all the information you have with your carriers, FreightPOP will do the work. You only need to go to one stop, FreightPOP to gather all your reporting, tracking information, and data. It is all there. You don't need to go here and there to get excel sheets or PDF files.”

Sr. Supply Chain Analyst
Wholesale, 501-1000 employees
Using FreightPOP for 6+ months  


FreightPOP’s Customer Service

“The number one most impressive thing has been the customer service, hands down. Whenever we run into a problem we are able to get a developer on the phone the same day to address the issue. Most bugs are addressed in 24 hours with some taking a day or two extra. We have never had to follow up on an issue. It is always resolved to completion.”

Operations Manager
Retail, 11-50 employees
Using FreightPOP: 12+ months

“Excellent customer service that is quick to respond and assist if needed. Friendly team of software developers and implementation specialists. Simple roll out and easy to use from day one.”

Dir. Distribution Logistics
Using FreightPOP: 2+ years

“FreightPOP has made a great effort to accomplish all of their customer's particular requirements.”

Using FreightPOP: 12+ months

“This software does exactly what I need and if I find a function that needs improvement the company responds so quickly to adapt the software to fit my needs!”

Using FreightPOP: 6+ months

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