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New Tool For Spot Quoting Freight - Just In Time For The Holidays

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Need to reduce freight costs? Spot Quote Groups are an essential tool for FTL/freight shipping. It is a new tool in FreightPOP's TMS that consolidates carrier quotes from multiple vendors.


Why There is a Need for Spot Quote Groups 

Most TMS platforms streamline parcel and LTL quoting, replacing the old way of shopping for rates, which meant time on the phone or a website to obtain a shipping estimate on a job and then booking the same way. Now, parcel and LTL quotes are achieved through API connections that link a shipping platform, or TMS, to multiple carrier systems, enabling one-click shopping around for the best rates.

Unfortunately, most full truckload carriers are not tech-savvy enough to provide such connections, meaning freight shippers are missing out on the best rates. How? Shippers sending freight generally default to spot-quoting a few key carriers they really like because they simply lack time to obtain more quotes than that. 

That way of quoting is archaic and has many deficiencies that include:

  • Being reduced to just a handful of FTL options at a time when capacity is extremely tight
  • Losing out on good quotes because the back and forth is via email or phone, and capacity goes FAST
  • Not taking advantage of the best rates that are out there because you simply cannot see them
  • Risking customer relations with late shipments when you cannot afford the few carrier offers you have 

Spot Quote Groups give freight shippers:

  • Greater capacity and a wide variety of rate options
  • More flexibility in readily communicating with carriers
  • A way to improve delivery times and meet customers increasingly high turnaround demands


How Spot Quote Groups Work

Spot Quote Groups allow you to gather spot quotes on freight quickly and efficiently without having to spend time contacting carriers individually via phone, email, or their website. It reduces processing time, saves money, and gives you greater access to capacity.

When you use FreightPOP's Spot Quote Groups, all eligible carriers for that shipment type receive the pickup and delivery schedule details. The carriers then respond with quotes, with all responses compiled in one place on your TMS. This makes it easy to compare rates and choose the best option for your needs.

Step 1 - Select Carriers:

freight spot quotes_1

Step 2 - Provide Details of Freight:

freight spot quotes_2

Step 3 - Compare Multiple Quotes Side-by-side 

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Not only is using Spot Quote Groups more efficient, but it also allows you to get the best possible rates for your shipments. When carriers are competing for your business, they are more likely to offer competitive rates in order to win your business.

Utilizing Spot Quote Groups is a far superior way of ensuring that your shipments are getting where they need to be in a timely and cost-effective manner.

How Businesses Are Using Spot Quote Groups

Businesses have started leveraging FreightPOP's Spot Quote Group tool to streamline their supply chains, save on costs, and access better capacity. The technology enables them to send out requests for quotes to multiple carriers at a click of a button and then quickly compare the best rates and routes for each shipment. 

With just one communication from FreightPOP's platform, you can contact 10, 20, or more carriers on each job and avoid waiting for carriers to get back to you while your goods are just sitting around waiting to be shipped.

The tool also automates many tedious and time-consuming tasks associated with managing shipments, such as creating shipping labels, tracking packages, and communicating with customers. 


Get Ready for Holiday Shipping

Spot Quote Groups are a best practice, industry-leading tool for those shipping freight. Contact our team and let us show you how easy Spot Quote Groups are to integrate and use! 

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