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Top 3 Shipping Controls You Need Now From Your TMS Platform

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Implementing a transportation management system (TMS) requires an initial investment of time and resources, but for most shippers, having a TMS is not just a luxury–it’s a necessity.

Without the right TMS partner, many shippers face these common supply chain planning challenges: 

  • Lack of time and human capital needed to compare carrier pricing options 
  • Fragmented shipping processes that prevent real-time visibility into tracking information
  • Limited capacity to audit carrier invoices and payments

Even so, less than 35% of companies have a TMS solution, meaning many shippers are operating without the necessary transportation planning resources to excel. In the wake of extreme supply chain disruption, shippers are greatly missing out on the efficiencies that a TMS brings. With the right tool, shippers can enjoy efficiencies that result in reduced costs, improved supply chain management, visibility into shipping metrics and tracking information, and happy customers.

1) Rate Shopping 

The traditional methods of rate shopping are incredibly time-consuming and labor-intensive and don't ensure you’re getting the best rates. With a TMS, rate shopping can be fully automated. FreightPOP allows you to compare rates for parcel, LTL, FTL, Ocean, and International Air from more than 300 carriers integrated directly into our platform. Not only will your employees be more effective in pursuing the best rates, but you’ll also save significantly on labor costs.

2) Tracking Visibility 

With customers expecting faster delivery speeds than ever before, keeping them informed of shipments has never been more critical, but the time it takes to shuffle through all that tracking information can leave both your employees and your customers feeling frustrated. SmartTrack, our real-time tracking feature, gives you the ultimate visibility into both outbound and inbound shipments and allows you to automatically notify your customers of shipment updates. This is especially important on long-haul or multi-leg shipments where delays are compounded.

 3) Auditing

Auditing freight invoices should be a basic business function of any shipper, but many simply don’t have the capacity to ensure their quoted prices and invoiced amounts match. Not to mention, there is a significant amount of manual data entry in the freight industry, leaving significant margins for error. 

The auditing functionality of FreightPOP allows mismatched quotes and invoice amounts to be flagged for review, removing the need for an employee to check each invoice individually. Not only will this save you from overpaying carriers, but it can be helpful when it comes time to negotiate rates with your carriers. 

Suppose a carrier regularly bills you incorrectly, resulting in significant time spent reconciling accounts. In that case, they may be costing you more than your planned savings with them. This intel helps inform your decisions to drive more of your shipments to a more reliable carrier. 

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FreightPOP’s transportation management system is designed to give shippers a centralized platform for the many moving parts of their business, from shipping and tracking to data visibility and auditing. 

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