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Tracking & Reporting on Shipments

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Our new guide for those in retail, shipping, and freight we examine the critical aspects of tracking and reporting, including supply chain visibility and capturing the data that matters.

Tracking & Reporting on ShipmentsTracking parcel and freight is no longer a matter of simply tracking where items are from carrier notifications.  You can now track freight while it's on the road and make routing decisions to keep a proactive upper hand in meeting and managing customer expectations.

Investing in technology to allow greater visibility, and therefore better control, can also lead to some cost and time-saving benefits, such as allowing customers to track shipments on a self-serve basis. 

Download Tracking & Reporting on Shipments Guide

This guide provides and in-depth look at the following:

      • Supply Chain Visibility 
      • Multimodal and Intermodal Tracking
      • Tracking Returns
      • The Power of Analytics 
      • Readily Available Data
      • Report Customization 
      • Spot Quote Reporting
      • Better Staff Management 

Download below to access the guide.

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