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Accessing Reduced Freight And Insights Ahead Of Carrier Negotiations

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FreightPOP's one-click logistics is revolutionizing how companies access cheaper carrier rates and capture supply chain intelligence. But as the saying goes, don't just take out word for it.

If you want more from your shipping software or are ready to make a move on your first TMS purchase, you can learn from companies already integrating and using logistics software. We put together a case study outlining how one of our customers, a manufacturer that distributes products globally, was able to solve critical rate quoting issues without a lengthy integration process and captured supply chain data like never before.

Use this case study to learn how a TMS solution can help you save money and how you can use TMS supply chain reports to analyze your shipping spend and carrier performance. The latter is incredible information to have ahead of your carrier negotiations - and the sort of data that carriers often already have themselves.

Download the case study and reach out to our team of experts if you'd like to discuss the options available to you.

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