CUSTOMER SPOTLIGHT: At FreightPOP, we solve issues that hinder shipping processes. In today's spotlight, we highlight our results with a clinical lab seeking better competitive rates.

Our priority with new customers is to integrate with their systems to cut down on how long it takes them to organize and find the best pricing and quotes on shipments. 

One such customer, a clinical lab that provides toxicology testing, sought to find a system that offered an easy way to shop for competitive rates.

The customer specifically required:

  1. API integration with FedEx and UPS
  2. Competitive rates
  3. Reliable tracking

Here is how we met their need:

FreightPOP's Shipping Software Solution

How we deliver on the customer need

API Integration with FedEx and UPS

Typical integrations are costly and time-consuming, but with FreightPOP, integrations are a quick and seamless process.

We work with more than 300 business tools ((ERP, WMS, CRM, inventory/ordering systems, etc.). We ensure customers can ship smarter and work more productively across all business operations.

Competitive Rates

We provide an Expedia-like rate shopping experience by providing:

  • A multi-carrier rating system so customers can view all shipping rates across their carriers in one place 
  • A quick and easy spot quote process
  • A way to shop TMS's partner rates
  • Consolidated batch shipping

Reliable Tracking

We provide full tracking capabilities without having to leave the FreightPOP app. No logging in and out of carrier sites to track shipments! 

We provide an at-a-glance overview of all shipments, including:

  • Multileg shipments
  • 3PL shipments
  • Multilateral shipments

We reduce the friction businesses encounter with carriers and provide a more concise way for them to communicate shipping status to customers.


Outdated methods and shipping software that does not integrate well with business operations wastes time and costs you money. And cumbersome systems that do not allow you to connect directly with carrier website data makes it harder to shop for great rates and to track shipments–both of which severely impact your customer service. 

To see FreightPOP in action further, check out our recent case study highlighting how we helped a major plastics distributor slash rates during the supply chain chaos caused by COVID earlier in the year.

Download the Case Study