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FREE shipping and logistics software coming to a business near YOU!

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Honestly, what's better than free?

Here at FreightPOP, we understand the appeal of a good deal – in fact, we built our customizable, industry-leading shipping and logistics management software on the idea that everyone should have access to the best rates for their shipping needs - regardless of shipment size, mode or carrier - every time.

The Buyer's Guide To Shipping Software 

And while we've always offered free trial versions of our Standard and most popular Pro TMS solutions, we're pleased to announce that we've taken things a step further. We're releasing a free – yes, you heard us, FREE – version of our best-in-class shipping and transportation management software, especially for those needing the most cost-effective options for their shipping and logistics management.

Wait a minute … did you say free??

We sure did!! And we don't just mean free for a little while, or free* (with certain limitations or restrictions). We mean totally and completely, no-strings-attached, free – no contracts and no credit card required. And free forever – there's absolutely no expiration date.

That's right: A single user within your organization can start taking advantage of powerful shipping and logistics management software to get 100 quotes, and to manage 50 shipments each month. We've found that this is particularly ideal for our small business shipment and logistics managers, as well as for freight brokers and logistics consultants that work with smaller clients.


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Break it down: What comes with the free version?

Here's a look at all the key capabilities that users of our free shipping and logistics software get:

  • Up to 100 quotes and 50 shipments per month, every month.
  • No expiration date – a single user can leverage the software, for free, forever.
  • Support for all types of shipments, including parcel, LTL, FTL, intermodal and international air and ocean freight shipments.
  • No limits on available carriers or shipment locations – work with your preferred carriers and ship anywhere in the world.
  • Freight rate shopping: Compare modes and rates across every carrier you work with.
  • Label printing for all 50 monthly shipments.
  • Real-time tracking of all shipments.

You can compare rates to get the best price, transport all types of shipments across different modes and work with the most optimal carriers to meet your needs, all within a user-friendly, intuitive software platform.

What if I need more?

If your organization finds you're in need of additional capabilities – including robust features like invoice auditing, reporting, the ability to integrate with other third-party software or live customer support – you can always upgrade your FreightPOP solution to the version that suits your company's shipping and logistics needs. We're pleased to provide free trials for our Standard and exceedingly popular Pro software solutions.

So, no matter if you're a small business with limited resources but robust shipping and logistics needs, or a large-scale enterprise needing the most cost-efficient shipment options, we've got just the solution to fit your requirements and preferences.

To find out more about the advantages of our free software version, or to learn about our other shipping and logistics solutions, connect with us today!



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