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4 Steps To Digitally Transform Your Supply Chain Now

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We were delighted to share insights on digital transformation for Logistics Tech Outlook's latest Vendor Viewpoint. Here we outline how to break down the monumental task of digitizing logistics.

logistics_tech_outlook_top_shipping_softwareLogistics Tech Outlook (LTO) is a peer-to-peer magazine investigating and highlighting technological advances in supply chain management. We have contributed to a number of leadership pieces and have been featured in several of LTO's top 10 TMS solutions.

Our latest submission surrounds the hot topic of digitizing logistics. In the article, we broke down digitizing supply chains into distinct stages to achieve two things:

To help shippers identify where they are in the grand scheme of digitization, from baby steps to an all-in, state-of-the-art, data-driven organization.

To help shippers see the natural progression of the digitizing process so they can plan short-term and long-term mapping. 

Below is an infographic that visually displays the scaling approach we cover in the LTO article.



In the article, each of the four stages features:

  • An outline of the capabilities each stage represents
  • What the capabilities allow your organization to do
  • The steps you need to take to reach each stage

We strongly encourage shippers to
review the article and feel free to share your thoughts with our team.  Check out the Article