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Does Your Shipping Software Say You Are Leaving Money on the Table?

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If you have a TMS or use shipping software, you know the benefits that automating your shipping process can bring. If you don’t have a TMS or use shipping software yet, you need to read the rest of this article.


Automation alone should not be the only value-added feature that shipping software brings to you. Your shipping software needs to be providing you ways to save time and money. Your company has likely spent a considerable amount of time researching the right solution, evaluating different software, and finally going through and implementing the one that works best for your company.

In the past, this process could take months. Here is a little secret, with technology advancements in software and the logistics industry going online, this process of evaluating and implementing the right software can be done in just days – in some cases, just hours. But does it all stop there?

How to Find Carrier Invoice Discrepancies 


Your shipping solution needs to be interactive. You interact with your shipping software by using it day in and day out, so the software needs to reciprocate your input with valuable output. Your shipping software should be proactively telling you when and how you could be saving more money.

Auditing staff

You may think you have the right software and processes in place, but what if your people just don’t do what they are supposed to. FreightPOP has the answer for you. Our software will tell you if your shippers are shipping with the lowest cost quotes that you negotiated with carriers, or if they are shipping with someone at a higher rate because they may be spiffing them gifts.  

We are introducing our newest report to help you save in your logistics and shipping expenses. Our “Lowest Quote Shipping Compliance” report tells you how much of your shipment was sent out with the lowest cost rate and how much was not. You can also see which carriers were used over a lower cost option, and how much you could have saved if that lower cost option was used instead.

Using date ranges, you can see how much was overspent over a period of time on shipping fees by not using the lowest rate. This figure can be thousands per month, and using our report can pin point the cause of such an inefficiency. Stop leaving money on the table – use FreightPOP to increase shipping efficiency across the board!

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