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July TMS Feature Releases & Updates

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Our July feature releases and updates are here! We introduce FAK management, new carrier texting capabilities, FreightPOP portal updates, and more.

July Updates

  • Manage FAKs - FreightPOP allows you to manage FAKs to make the quoting and shipping process easier between carriers (To learn more about FAKs, please refer to our Freight of All Kinds & Class Exceptions post)

  • Tracking Via Text - FreightPOP allows truckload shipments to be tracked at the driver-level via a text application. This feature is very useful for those regional and smaller carriers that do not have online access to your systems or FreightPOP portal.  

  • Service Logistics Providers (4PLs) - 4PLs can now be distinguished in the system helping with internal processes. This allows suppliers/providers outside our customers' Ship For/Ship To lists to be accounted for on a transaction.

  • General UX updates - Improved tracking filters and more personalized display options.

  • Invoice submission via carrier portal - For those carriers that cannot do EDI, FreightPOP provides a portal to submit customer freight invoices and other documents (Functionality seen below).