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August TMS Updates: Quickbooks, Brokers, BOLs and More

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Stay on top of our latest TMS integrations, capabilities, and streamlined user controls here! This month we announce updates to Quickbooks, broker access, BOLs, shipping forms, and more.

Our ultimate goal is to provide clients with "One-Click Logistics." To that end, we continually add tools to streamline shipping and strengthen our connections to the systems and 3PLs our customers use.

This month we have made improvements to Quickbooks invoicing, broker access, and BOL options and have added a USMCA form, additional carriers (XPO Logistics, Dicom Parcel), and better Canada Fuel management. We have also made further platform improvements, including Bright Peral integration, 451 Platform improvements, and RL Carriers API updates.


Please see below for a full list of this month's feature updates and improvements. 

New features:


  • Quickbooks Online Integration for Brokers: Brokers can now plug their Quickbooks Online account and have the system create customer invoices in Quickbooks based on shipments processed in FreightPOP.
  • F10 Hot Key to Ship: hitting the F10 key acts like the continue or ship button based on what window you are in during the shipping process.
  • New Carriers: XPO Logistics (already had XPO LTL but this is from XPO’s other business unit), Dicom Parcel (Canadian parcel carrier)
  • BOL/Packing Slip: We now offer a second type of BOL that users can set as their default. It’s a BOL that also has product information. This is why its called a BOL/Packing Slip.
  • Grid Settings in Order Management: Users can now move columns and save grid  setting in the order management page.
  • Broker can now see quotes: Brokers now have access to see quotes ran by their customers that were not booked.
  • Broker Recent Quotes: Brokers can now see the recent quotes they ran for each of their customers.
  • Address Block Options: we now offer 2 defaults for the look of the address block on the quote and ship window. This is based on setting for the company.
  • Canada Fuel for User define Carriers: User defined carriers in Canada now have a way to manage fuel according to the Canadian Fuel authority.
  • NAFTA Changes: we have now released the USMCA form to replace the NAFTA form.

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  • Open Claims can now be exported to excel
  • Bright Peral Integration: We now offer a way to process Good Out transactions for those who have Bright Pearl WMS integration.
  • 451 Platform improvements: You can now see all your 451 open orders in the order tab. This makes it easier to manage the order prior to shipping them.
  • Rate Markups changes: User can not set markup and chose to show them in the UI or just record the markup in the transaction history.
  • Quickbooks Enterprise update: Users can now chose to use standard address mapping for addresses from QB to FreightPOP, or they can map different address lines to go to different address lines in FreightPOP.
  • RL Carriers API updated: RL now offers PRO numbers via API. There is no need to upload a book of PROs anymore.

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