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June 2019

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Six new features announced this year so far!

Customer Collaboration Portals
: Allows customer visibility into open and shipped orders, with the ability to process return shipments back by easily printing required BOLs and shipping labels.

Vendor Collaboration Portals: Allows vendor visibility into open POs, while giving carriers the ability to ship off those POs. This gives customers greater supply chain visibility (SCV).

Carrier Portals: Allows carriers to provide rates, tracking status, and documents so they can communicate in real-time.

Multi-leg Shipment Management: Enables shipments that have multiple legs to be managed in one seamless transaction, saving time and increasing SCV.

Marketplace Rates: FreightPOP refers customers to their carrier partner discounts when their rates are lower than customer negotiated rates or current market rates.

Return Labels Management: Allows customers, particularly e-commerce customers that provide return labels per shipment, to access an automated management system to track batched or print-as-needed return labels.