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November 2017

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Release notes for November 2017

Nov - 7:

Freight Invoice Audit: Users can now audit their freight invoices to ensure the carrier's are invoicing them correctly. Read more about that here.

Nov - 13:

New report- Carriers Spot Quotes Summary: This report provides information on spot quotes requested.

Nov - 14:

We have added UPS Supply Chain Solutions to the list of carriers that we support.

Nov - 15:

We have added The Customs Company to the list of LTL carriers that we support.

Nov - 20: 

Added notes to shipper: User can have notes pop up at the time of processing a shipment based on customer name.

Nov - 21

Added auto insert quote and pickup numbers to BOL: User now has an option for the quote number and pickup number to be auto printed on to the BOL.

Nov - 24:

Mass Pickup Scheduling: User can now schedule an unlimited number of shipment pickups to any carrier, all at once, with just three clicks.

Nov - 27:

YRC now assigns PRO directly from FreightPOP. In the past YRC did not provide PRO numbers at the time of shipping; YRC provided PRO number's can now be provided upon processing of a shipment.