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October Brings BrightPearl, Multi-stop, and Retail Enhancements

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This month's feature releases and software updates continue our commitment to giving you the best in smooth custom integrations and superior user experiences.

October brings the following enhancements to our TMS capabilities:

For Retail Companies

  • BrightPearl
    • Authentication is now available through OAuth, allowing public registration in BrightPearl which exceeds private app rate limits and sets independent limits that sometimes block high volume shippers
  • Retail integration through EHub.

    • Users can add supported retail systems for integrated order shipping on:
      • Ebay 
      • Shopify 
      • WooCommerce 
      • Etsy 

For All Customers

  • Carrier Portal Enhancements 
    • Non-Integrated carriers can now manually upload invoices for auditing purposes 
    • Additional fields have been added and additional document types now supported
    • A defined document list added for faster user access 
  • Enhanced Multi-stop Truckload Algorithm  

    • Updated algorithm allows for additional cases and outcomes 
    • Minimum rate charge can now override per stop charge when supplied by carrier
    • Additional charges can be added per carrier by template, and are automatically included with both the calculated and minimum rate charges 

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