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September 2017

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Release notes for September 2017

Sept - 11:

We have added AAA Cooper to the list of LTL carriers that we support.

Sept - 14:

Predefined Hazmat Contacts: User can now save Hazmat Contacts and numbers to choose from when a shipment is market as Hazmat.

Sept - 18:

Hazmat UN NA ID database: FreightPOP users no long need to know the UN NA ID number for their hazmat shipment. We have added a database they can use to look up and auto populate during the shipping process. 

Sept - 18:

New Report - Lowest Quote Shipping Compliance: Users can see reports on what shipments have not shipped with the lowest cost rate. The report also shows users who have neglected to choose the lowest rates available at the time of shipping.

Read more on this feature here.

Sept - 21:

Carriers with no tracking capability on their website can now update tracking for their shipment using FreightPOP.