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September 2018

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USPS Shipping Multiple Packages

  • FreightPOP now allows you to rate and ship multiple packages with USPS under 1 shipment.

Manage NMFCs and Commodities

  • FreightPOP has provided a feature to manage and help auto populate NMFCs and Commodities. Ask your FreightPOP Rep for more details.

User Defined Carrier Tracking Updates modification

  • If you have user defined carriers or truckload carriers that FreightPOP currently sends tracking requests to, but you don’t want them to receive tracking requests, you can now set that as an option in the carrier credential window.


  • FreightPOP now allows you to see UPS GFP pricing to take advantage of their ground network to move heavier shipments. Ask you UPS Rep about UPS GFP.

USF Reddaway and USF Holland Interline

  • Knowing who the delivery carrier will be when using USF Reddaway and Holland is very important. With FreightPOP, you are now able to see who they will transfer the freight to when moving it outside of their network.

Truckload POS

  • FreightPOP now allows your Truckload carriers and other user defined carriers to upload POS and other documents when they update the tracking details.