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Grow Your Business With TMS - More Time and Resources

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What could you do with more time and more resources for your business?

The list of what you’d do is probably very long indeed. And we have an exceptional tool that will allow you to start checking things off of that list and grow your business.

What is a TMS?

A Transportation Management System, or TMS, allows you to use one platform to manage your entire supply chain - from orders to fulfillment.

And if you find a really good TMS, it will also:

  • Provide carrier rate shopping on one website page
  • Easy system integration (ERP, CRM, ordering/warehouse/inventory)
  • Automatic BOL generation
  • Customer communication tools
  • Auditing tools
  • And more….

                                                                              ...all at the click of a button!

A Guide to Shipping Software TMS Solutions

Streamline & Grow Your Business

Our TMS will save you time, allowing you to leverage your resources.  

On average, our customers save 20% on shipping rates & 15% on their auditing processes. That’s an average of 35% we see daily with our clients!  


Case in point, one of our high volume online retailer customers began using our TMS a few years ago. They decided to use our service as they really wanted access to the carrier rate shopping, which allows them to compare rates seamlessly, rather than logging in and out of various carrier websites to accomplish the same price shopping.

At the time they had 7 logistics reps in their warehouse and 1 supervisor who conducted all the audits on their shipping transactions.

After a few months, they were able to reallocate 2 reps to another part of the business entirely. That was 80 hours a week in labor they were able to redirect due to the efficiency our TMS provided them.

Following this success, they decided to integrate their ERP into our TMS. This saw their warehouse, inventory, and CRM systems operating within the TMS. And again, after a few months, they were able to further reallocate logistics reps.  

Following integration they went from 7 reps to 5 reps - AND they were able to reallocate the supervisor as well as our TMS has full auditing capabilities.

reallocate your resources

Our customer went from 8 staff handling the order taking, processing, shipping, and auditing to just 3 staff members! 200 man hours more to use in the business per week is huge!

Again, most of our customers see a 35% savings. To get an estimate on what kind of savings you might have, please refer to our ROI calculator here.

You are encouraged to reach out to our sales team and request a free demo of what our industry leading TMS can do.