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How a Major Plastics Distributor Reduced Freight Rates During COVID

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CASE STUDY: During the initial height of COVID, our TMS shipping software was instrumental in improving a major plastics distributor fulfillment of PPE orders in several critical ways.

Our customer's scenario was quite hectic, with the company fulfilling protective equipment orders at quantities they never had before while facing supply chain impediments and soaring rates that, still to this day, are impacting shipping and transportation. 

We resolved two crucial elements for this company: better rate shopping visibility and improved internal communications via automation. 

Rate Shopping

Our customer was initially using a solution that provided rate shopping on outbound LTL only. They desperately required full visibility across air, ocean, LTL, inbound, and outbound to adequately compare rates. As rates soared, they could not effectively save money without a better tool.

Our platform provided them with side-by-side rate shopping across all transportation modes. We refer to this as "Expedia-like" shopping.  


Internal Communications

One of the other significant issues we helped alleviate was the internal communications between sales and purchasing. There was a great deal of busy work and unnecessary follow-ups as no one had interdepartmental visibility. Our solution makes use of automation that reduces internal bottlenecks such as the customer was having. 

We invite you to review our case study outlining exactly how we deployed our solution and how we relieved the distributor's vital supply chain issues across their national warehouses.  

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