TMS’s (Transportation Management System) are built to help with shipping and logistics, but this software doesn’t only just benefit shippers. Utilizing a TMS can help members from all over your organization. From the CEO to a Sales Representative, a TMS can streamline everyone’s work and make your company more efficient and productive!

FreightPOP's TMS can help rid the headache that comes from dealing with shipping and logistics. FreightPOP offers an array of features meant to support almost every member of an organization.

Guide to Transportation Management Systems

 Check out some of the people who would benefit from a TMS:


When you’re in charge of running an entire company, you want to allocate the least amount of money and labor without compromising results. Incorporating a TMS with your company allows you to spend less on transportation costs, and stop your employees from wasting time manually figuring out shipping and logistic issues that could otherwise be automated within a TMS.

The Shipper

Finding the best rates for a shipment can be a real pain! Without a TMS, you could spend hours calling up each carrier to find the best rates for your shipment. FreightPOP cuts that time down dramatically by comparing all your freight quotes in one screen. Plus, you can track your shipments, print shipping labels, and more all within this easy to use platform.

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Customer Service

If a shipment goes wrong it can cause huge problems with your buyers. Not to mention the amount of money it could cost to fix a shipment problem if it isn’t addressed quickly enough. Alleviate the stress from dealing with shipment problems by utilizing FreightPOP’s Centralized Tracking on all your shipments. You can track your shipments in real time, get alerts on any shipments that require your attention and get updates from your carriers from one single window.

The Accountant

Using a TMS can help you find errors in carrier invoicing, saving an average of 15%! The FreightPOP Freight Invoice Audit feature is fast, automated, and easy to use. Get real time freight data and reports to see how much you’re spending.

The Sales Representative

FreightPOP easily connects to most CRMs, ERPs, Order Systems, and WMS. Maintain all your customer information, carrier details, product details and more. Choose what information you want to import into FreightPOP or export to back into your systems.

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