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How a TMS Helps You Save and Boost Efficiency

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"Savings" and "efficiency" are two of the top buzzwords that you'll hear being thrown around in any size business across every industry sector. The ability to put money back in your pocket while also making operations more streamlined is an important benefit, especially when those operations concern shipping, transportation and logistics processes.

For many businesses and brokers, shipping is a constant, uphill battle. Freight rates are shifting all the time, and it's always a struggle to ensure that shipments make it to their locations according to a strict schedule.

Attempting to manage this processes manually doesn't just take up valuable time - you could also be leaving a LOT on the table in terms of your overall savings and efficiency. Apply an industry-leading transportation management solution (TMS), though, and you could end up with more financial resources to work with and happier shipment recipients.

Guide to Transportation Management Systems

Saving you money

When was the last time you actually shopped around for freight quotes? It might have been a little while. Now, consider the last time you audited your freight invoices - are you sure that there are no duplicate charges or extra accessorial expenses and that all your discounts have been applied? What about that late delivery from a few weeks back - you shouldn't have to pay for that, but did you?

A TMS can help you save money on your freight rates by helping you find the most efficient route through top carriers. Data is always up-to-date, so even when rates change due to rising fuel costs or other reasons, you have the most current information for your quotes. Best of all, freight rate shopping - which lets you use different modes to get your shipments from A to B - can help you save as much as 20 percent.

What's more, giving your invoices a second look through auditing can help you save up to 15 percent across the board. Together, those savings can really add up - what would your business be able to do with a bit of extra cash each month? The possibilities for improvement are endless!

Saving you time and improving efficiency

We understand what you might be thinking: "Sure, all that savings sounds good, but auditing invoices and shopping around for rate quotes takes a lot of time."

With an industry-leading TMS like FreightPOP in place, though, efficiency is the name of the game. We can deliver on all of these savings areas and more while also ensuring that time isn't taken away from your company's other, mission-critical pursuits.

Download our Transportation Management System Guide

Our TMS includes advanced automation to streamline processes like freight-rate shopping and invoice auditing. This reduces the need for manual work - and the labor costs associated with it.

On top of all this, our TMS takes only minutes to set up, and you can easily integrate the other key platforms your business works with - from your ERP and CRM to your WMS and other inventory systems - to create a one-stop-shop. No more switching between software to get all the details you need.

And with options for multi- and cross-mode shipping, alongside the ability to add carrier partners in under a minute, you can always be sure that you're getting the best rate and most efficient route for your shipments. Our robust reporting capabilities also make sure you don't miss a beat, and that you have the power to make the most successful decisions regarding your carrier partners and shipping spend.

We understand that you can't mess around when it comes to your company's efficiency and ability to save. That's why we created the most user-friendly, streamlined TMS available. Connect with us today for a free demo and check it out for yourself!

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