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Kyocera Division Case Study - How to Negotiate Fairer Carrier Contracts

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Want the upper hand over carriers in negotiating contracts and spot quotes? See what a division of Kyocera did to achieve just that!

Kyocera Document Solutions America's Director of Logistics, Christian Mannino, needed a way to streamline shipping across their five U.S. facilities. He also wanted insight into their logistics to negotiate fairer shipping rates with carriers. 

His search led him to FreightPOP's Transportation Management System (TMS). Christian had experience with TMS systems before his role at Kyocera, and credits them for leveling the playing field with carriers. He explains: 

You will often find that once carriers are aware that you have begun using a TMS, they will begin to adjust pricing on their own accord to compete for your business.

Once FreightPOP was implemented and we expanded our carrier pool, a large portion of our volume was awarded to carriers with more competitive pricing forcing our legacy carriers to follow suit. This was proof that without a TMS which allows you to easily compare carrier and transport options, you are going to overpay for your freight."


Additionally, Christian found that FreightPOP's TMS specifically provides him and his team with:

  • Seamless integration of logistics software into their business and warehouse systems, including Oracle 

  • Dashboard views to monitor shipments through detailed tracking, improving nationwide coordination and customer service 

  • Top-tier customer support and ongoing value increase with continual TMS platform updates

Download the case study to learn why Kyocera continues to partner with FreightPOP to achieve incredible results!

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