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Major Online Retailer Automates Entire Shipping Process

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Learn how online retailer Newegg found shipping software that allowed them to improve traditional shipping processes by 50-70%. 

Newegg handles high-volume consumer transactions daily across air freight, trucking, and intermodal transportation. They required a lot of manpower in seeking out the best rates for their customers. They wanted to streamline their processes and also required a more transparent way to track shipments and assess costs. 

Reallocate Resources to Grow-1Through FreightPOP’s transportation  management system (TMS) software, Newegg gained incredible access to:

  • Freight Quote Shopping 
  • Multiple Carrier Integration 
  • Shipping Performance Tracking
  • Enhanced Internal Visibility
  • Improved Service To Their Customers

Most significant of all, Newegg was able to reallocate shipping personal to help grow their business. 

To see how this was achieved, download the Newegg case study below.