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Orange County Business Podcast Features FreightPOP's CEO

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The Accelerate OC Podcast, aimed at promoting startups in Orange County, CA, recently featured FreightPOP’s Co-Founder and CEO, Kurt Johnson.

startup_feature_kurt_johnsonHost Carey Ransom invited Kurt to the podcast to discuss his vast experience in the startup scene. Throughout his career, Kurt has been involved with six different startups, significantly enhancing his expertise. Notably, he played a crucial role in increasing revenue at Horizon Technology, the parent company of FreightPOP, to over $100 million. This episode offers insights into his strategies and the lessons he has learned along the way.

On the podcast, Kurt talks about what he has learned about startups over the years and how FreightPOP is his most important, and last, startup. He says through Horizon, he learned 20 years' worth of shipping logistics and hacks, and the goal of FreightPOP’s technology is to incorporate those lessons and bring them to market for shippers all over the world.

Kurt also delves into the challenges and experiences of introducing FreightPOP to the market, including the risks he undertook and the reasons behind them. He shares that launching FreightPOP was his initial foray into raising venture capital, which he found markedly different from his usual experiences dealing with debt capital. This transition presented unique obstacles and learning opportunities, shaping his approach to business financing and growth.

Kurt goes into detail about the management strategies employed by the executive team at FreightPOP, explaining how they strictly adhere to Eric Ries’ Lean Startup Principles to drive efficiency and innovation. He emphasizes that a significant portion of the company's success can be attributed to the rigorous accountability standards set by their investors, alongside a strong commitment to nurturing a positive and robust company culture. This dedication, he notes, has been a critical factor in sustaining their growth and maintaining a dynamic work environment.

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