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Orange County Business Podcast Features FreightPOP's CEO

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The Accelerate OC Podcast, aimed at promoting startups in Orange County, CA, recently featured FreightPOP’s Co-Founder and CEO, Kurt Johnson.

startup_feature_kurt_johnsonHost Carey Ransom invited Kurt on the podcast to talk about his extensive experience in startups. Kurt has worked with six different startups and grew revenue for Horizon Technology, FreightPOP’s parent company, to $100M. 

Kurt talks about what he has learned about startups over the years and how FreightPOP is his most important, and last, startup. He says through Horizon, he learned 20-years’ worth of shipping logistics and hacks. And FreightPOP’s technology incorporates those lessons.

Kurt also talks about what it was like to bring FreightPOP to market and why he took the risks he did. He explains that FreightPOP was his first experience with raising venture capital, which is quite different than working with debt capital.

Kurt also talks about how they manage FreightPOP, adhering strictly to Eric Ries’ Lean Startup Principles. He also shares how a great deal of the company’s success is due to the accountability from investors and their company culture, which they are incredibly committed to.

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