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­čĺ¬Powering Growth: NetSuite Integration For HAZMAT And International Shipping

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Want to find out how FreightPOP's NetSuite integration can revolutionize heavy shippers' efficiency, accuracy, and overall logistics performance? Discover how a leading tape and adhesive manufacturer in the beauty industry did just that! 

Today's customer spotlight shines a light on a company processing up to 5,600 monthly shipments, including:

  • 800-1,000 parcel, ground, and express shipments
  • 1,300 domestic
  • 900 international
  • And 100+ international HAZMAT shipments 

Customer's Challenges:

Single Carrier Reliance and Time Wastage

Before this manufacturer came to FreightPOP, FedEx handled 80-90% of their shipping. They realized that the absence of competitive shipping rates was hindering their cost-saving efforts, and they faced the challenge of time-consuming processes, spending an average of 5-10 minutes per parcel and up to an hour arranging large shipments.

Additionally, much of their shipping is liquid chemicals and solutions, requiring them to generate certificates of origin, commercial invoices, and HAZMAT documentation, which was essentially a manual process requiring staff and time.

NetSuite Integration

Finally, any transportation management system (TMS) this manufacturer considered to help resolve their issues had to smoothly integrate with NetSuite, as their point-of-sale/retail solution is NetSuite's SuiteCommerce.

In short, the company required solutions for:

  • fedex air waybill form 023Manual and Time-Consuming Processes

The customer had been manually copying and pasting information from Adobe Reader into their system for FedEx shipments, particularly for a specific shipment type that required an Air Waybill form 023. This was a lengthy process that led to inefficiencies and input errors.

  • Lack of Streamlined Rating and Documentation

The customer needed a more streamlined way to rate shop for shipments and produce documents for HAZMAT shipments. They required a solution to handle custom forms and integrate with NetSuite to meet their specific requirements.

How FreightPOP met the customer's needs:

FreightPOP Tools

How We Deliver on Customer Needs

NetSuite Integration


FreightPOP integrates seamlessly with NetSuite's system:

  • Ensuring smooth data flow 
  • Reducing the need for manual data entry
  • Eliminates the need for copying and pasting information from other systems
  • Saving significant time and effort

Custom Document Generation

FreightPOP develops custom documentation as required by customers. In this case, the manufacturer required automatic population of FedEx 023 document. Custom documents allow customers to generate necessary documents quickly and accurately.

Multi-Box Hazmat Support

This customer often deals with HAZMAT shipments that contain multiple UN numbers per box. FreightPOP can accommodate multi-box HAZMAT UN IDs, enabling customers to manage these shipments efficiently and compliantly.

International Shipping Support


FreightPOP assists customers in generating international shipping documents, including custom forms and compliance documentation. This feature simplifies preparing and managing international shipments, ensuring compliance with regulatory authorities.


Results With FreightPOP

FreightPOP assists this customer by providing comprehensive solutions to their shipping challenges. The key benefits include:

  • Time Savings & Increased Accuracy: By eliminating manual data entry and providing automatic population of custom documents, they reduced the risk of errors and improve the accuracy of shipping information.

  • Enhanced Compliance: The integration with NetSuite and the support for HAZMAT and international shipping requirements ensures the customer can meet regulatory compliance standards more effectively. They can quickly and accurately generate the necessary documents, such as certificates of origin, commercial invoices, and HAZMAT documents.

  • Scalability and Flexibility: FreightPOP's ability to expand its software capabilities to meet customer-specific needs, such as multi-box HAZMAT support, demonstrates their commitment to adapting to evolving business requirements. 

The time saved, increased accuracy, compliance improvements, and scalability provided by FreightPOP empowers customers to enhance their shipping operations and focus on core business activities. By partnering with FreightPOP, customers position themselves for continued growth and success in their logistics operations.

Download the customer breakdown:

netsuite integration for HAZMAT and international shipping