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FreightPOP's Story: Born to Provide Solutions to Shipping Pain Points

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In today's shipping and logistics management environment, companies usually have two choices available to them: Utilize time-consuming and somewhat error-prone spreadsheets to organize shipping activity, or leverage a software-based transportation management system.

But what happens if the TMS can't suit the unique needs of the organization? Where do shipping managers and their teams go from there?

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We've been there

This is just the situation that spurred us to create FreightPOP, a new TMS solution that brings a custom approach to transportation management.

Before we created FreightPOP, our team at Horizon Technology had purchased another TMS, but quickly found the platform to be clunky and expensive. It didn't provide the capabilities we needed, and worst of all, even after considerable investment in the software, we were unable to tailor it to fit our business needs.

This is a scenario that many organizations find themselves in. But we believe that executive teams and their shipping and operations managers shouldn't have to be frustrated by solutions that can't provide the unique features required to support timely and accurate transportation management.

Out of our pain points, we created FreightPOP, a better solution for managing shipping and logistics.

But we didn't stop there.

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Built by shippers, for shippers

Great things happen when we listen

Our frustration with our former TMS is something many organizations have struggled with and can relate to. But we didn't just let our internal issues inform our new solution: We also worked to listen closely and incorporate the needs and pain points of our actual customers into our industry-leading system for transportation management.

For the past 22 years, we've continuously turned to the shipping and logistics community for input - seeking to ensure that the issues felt in the shipping space drive the features and capabilities of FreightPOP. In this way, our solution is directly mapped to the feedback of actual shippers, and our solution comes as an answer to their most pressing problems.

We strive to involve our customers, and make sure that their input isn't just heard, but leveraged in a way that helps improve our solution and the entire transportation management and logistics sector. It helps us create a new approach to transportation management, one that aligns with the distinct processes you use to do business.

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What makes FreightPOP different?

FreightPOP was created to solve the specific shipping problems of organizations, and was built in way that enables unparalleled ease of use. But these aren't the only things that set FreightPop apart:

  • Fast deployment: Unlike some of our competitors, which require weeks or even months, FreightPOP can be rolled out and setup in a matter of minutes.
  • Agile software: We said it before, but we'll say it again: FreightPOP is fully customizable! Our agile solution means you're able to tailor the system, molding different parts and features together to create a unique platform that suits your exact needs.
  • Integration: Knock down internal silos by integrating your TMS with the other critical software platforms you use to directly improve daily operations.
  • Multimode shipping options: FreightPOP provides options for almost any transportation mode - no matter what, we'll help you get your shipments to where they need to go.

Our two decades of experience in the shipping industry have allowed us to create the most complete and customizable transportation management solution. Connect with us today to learn what FreightPOP can do for you!

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