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Transportation Management Predictions Tipped In Latest Logistics Tech

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Logistics Tech Outlook shares FreightPOP's 2021 transportation management predictions, highlighting the evolving need for all shippers to digitize and integrate systems.

Logistics Tech Outlook (LTO) magazine investigates and highlights all things tech in supply chain management. We're grateful that LTO has included us in several of their Top TMS solution lists.  

In their recent article Surprising Predictions for Transportation Management in 2021, they highlight our top forecasts on the changes we see in supply chain and delivery and how desperately all shippers need to digitize processes and integrate systems. 

Our tips at a glance include:

  • Shippers will use zone skipping and load pooling strategies to keep up with online sales and stay competitive on costs.

  • Last-mile LTL carriers are replacing expensive accessorials options.

  • Amazon will amp up competition for ground services, which we are seeing evidence of following news they are going to start recruiting people looking to start their own trucking company.  

  • TMS solutions are becoming invaluable with more powerful integrations between shippers and their vendors and partners.

  • Logistics data is becoming just as invaluable with shippers seeking to keep up with tight capacity and high volumes tipped for the foreseeable future.

Check out the full Logistics Tech Outlook article to learn more.

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