Logistics Tech Outlook names FreightPOP in top ten list for best shipping software, with high configurability singled out that fits the specific workflow needs of businesses.

2020 represents the second year in a row FreightPOP has been named in LTO's (Logistics Tech Outlook) Top 10 for its TMS solution. LTO is a peer-to-peer publication that investigates all things tech in supply chain management.   

The Future of Freight Management is Here

FreightPOP's primary goal is to provide "one-click logistics" through intuitive enterprise technology that simplifies freight and shipping processes end-to-end. Its core value is the time they save companies in organizing shipments, which occurs through a series of automations made possible by integrating company tech stacks and third party carriers and brokers. 

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Cost Savings

Time savings translate into significant dollar savings in administrative costs and enhanced carrier rate shopping abilities. With transportation costing companies as much as 2.5-5% of sales, there is a huge margin of savings possible, which FreightPOP helps companies target. 

FreightPOP features

LTO singled out some specific capabilities in their naming of FreightPOP in their top 10, highlighting that through FreightPOP:

  • Companies do not have to change existing logistics workflows or conduct costly staff retraining.   
  • There is a dramatic reduction in the time it takes to shop rates, with automation tools high-volume shippers in particular appreciate.
  • Relevant shipping documents automatically pull in on orders (i.e., shipping labels, BOLs, SLIs, AWBs, custom forms, invoices, and packing slips).
  • Real-time tracking updates are possible.
  • Custom reporting is available that gives greater insight into spend and intel heading into contract negotiations.
  • Personal customer service representatives are accessible—customers are not left with chatbots or email-only support.

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FreightPOP's Commitment

2020 was an incredibly hectic year for supply chain and logistics, with some unique challenges still ahead. FreightPOP is proud to continue to see growth in helping shippers integrate systems and move freight and parcel smoother and faster. 

At FreightPOP, we simplify and streamline the logistics experience for manufacturers, distributors, retailers, and 3PLs by reducing friction and connecting systems for a seamless and optimal supply chain.  

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