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Webinar: Freight And Shipping Recession Tips For Manufacturing Execs

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We have a powerful webinar Wednesday, Nov. 16, at 10 AM PST featuring a panel of logistics experts who will talk about what's on everyone's minds: Is a full-blown recession coming? And if so, how do you manage logistics in downtimes? How can you leverage your technology, streamline your shipping, and generally get the most out of what you have? Our panel will take calls and answer live questions—we encourage you to register soon to participate!

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Freight and Shipping Recession

In economic downturns, you cannot afford the luxury of letting inefficiencies go unaddressed. And as one expert told us recently:

"A recession is on the horizon if not already upon us. On the retail side, you have major retailers that have excess inventory (every Target store is 30% off right now). Until inventory is offloaded, this will weigh heavily on freight volumes worldwide. On the shipper side, shipping rates have been elevated for over two years. These rates are propped up due to shortages in supply."

So how can you prepare? What can your teams do differently?

We welcome a hard-hitting panel with a wealth of logistics and c-suite experience, including:

  • Kyocera Logistics Director, Christian Mannino
  • FreightOptics CEO, Brad McBride
  • FreightPOP CEO/Co-founder Kurt Johnson
  • FreightPOP CRO/Co-founder  Justin Dickson

Our goal is to help you take action now  to prepare for these challenges that are unfolding. Please register and come with questions and insights you'd like to share!

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