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When This 3PL Struggled To Scale - FreightPOP Delivered

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FreightPOP empowers customers to quote, ship, and track at scale. Read how a 3PL struggling to keep up with his bookings in Asia came out on top using our powerful logistics tools.

Customer Challenge

You wear many hats if you're an owner/operator. And the right tools can save you invaluable time to work on earning more business. 

This 3PL came to us overwhelmed. He was single-handedly trying to keep his business smoothly ticking while coordinating freight stuck in Los Angeles (during COVID) and dealing with a large Asian customer base that preoccupied his time with phone calls to quote and process shipments.

His pain points are all too familiar for busy shippers - this broker needed:

  • Tools to efficiently spot quote  
  • Self-serve options for ongoing shipping customers 
  • Features to ease international shipping processes
  • Shipping software that would integrate smoothly with QuickBooks

How FreightPOP met the customer's needs:

FreightPOP Features

How we deliver on the customer need


FreightPOP provides:

  • Cross mode shipping comparison - Rate shopping across multiple carriers and modes on a single screen—No logging in and out of carrier websites!
  •  Real-time acceptance and response to carriers
  • "Set and forget" shipping rules allowing specific customer instructions on every shipment
  • A way to email quotes directly from the FreightPOP app



Customer portals allow shippers' customers to access information, such as specific shipping authorizations, order tracking, and shipping history. 

Customer Portals also:

  • Reduce the administrative load on shippers
  • Provide shippers with visibility into their inbound shipments
  • Allow you to pull and push invoices straight to vendors and customers


FreightPOP gives the customer control and insight into international shipments, including:

  • Automated Customs documentation for:
    • Automated Export System (AES)  
    • Shipper's Letter of Intent (SLI)
    • Electronic Export Information (EEI)
  • Real-time at-a-glance tracking overviews on all shipments, including multileg
  • A currency conversion tool
  • Support for international air and shipping


Our engineers have extensive experience in integrating our TMS platform quickly and efficiently into warehouse and business systems. 

Connect to:

FreightPOP supports hundreds of standard and custom integrations via API connections without blowout startup costs.  


Results With FreightPOP

Our 3PL customer found the rate shopping capabilities, customer portal, integration to QuickBooks, and the international document creation instrumental in allowing him to reduce the time spent on the phone organizing Asian shipments. These tools also helped him better troubleshoot issues with freight stuck in Los Angeles ports and gave him more time to work on growing his business. 

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