CUSTOMER SPOTLIGHT: Learn how a national supplier with 15 locations used FreightPOP's integrations and software to digitize their logistics.

Until a few years ago, one of the largest U.S. wholesalers of nursery and gardening products got by with mostly manual shipping processes. To streamline and modernize their logistics, they decided to hire their first full-time logistics person to oversee shipping operations. 

Just as improvements in shipping processes were coming along, the nursery and gardening industry–and everyone else, for that matter–was rocked by COVID. 

Initially, expectations were grim; however, the nursery sector unexpectedly saw considerable growth once states began re-opening gardening retailers. To date, the industry has fared relatively well, as lockdowns led many people to invest in beautifying their homes.

And our large nursery wholesaler was not different. They found their growth so significant that they could no longer effectively manage their 15 sites. At that time, they knew they needed a shipping software solution (TMS).  

The wholesaler specifically required:

  1. Multi-mode capability (FTL, LTL, and parcel)
  2. Invoice auditing automation 
  3. A complete move from manual to digital processes

How FreightPOP met their need:

FreightPOP's Shipping Software Solution

How we deliver on the customer's need

Multimode (FTL, LTL and parcel)

FreightPOP provides:

  • Multi-carrier and warehouse system integrations
  • Expedia-like rate shopping
  • Real-time freight tracking
  • Shipping spend analysis tools
  • Automation 
    • Tracking updates to customers
    • Sales processes from orders to fulfillment
    • BOLs, packing slips, customs declarations, and more
    • Mass uploads of container IDs with gross weight, net weight, and seal numbers on ocean shipments

Invoice Auditing automation

FreightPOP shipping software:

  • Allows for invoice submissions via a carrier portal
  • Automates invoice reporting for auditing purposes

A complete move from manual to digital processes

FreightPOP combines AI, industry best practices, and a consultative approach to help shippers optimize supply chains.


The above is an excellent outline of how we meet and exceed customer needs. 

For a more in-depth understanding of how we can deliver standard and custom integrations, review our case study featuring Elgen Manufacturing below. In the case study, you will learn why Elgen's Distribution & Logistics Director says:

“(With our former TMS I couldn't) make simple adjustments–any and all setting and carrier changes required reaching out to the software company to perform updates.” 

“The FreightPOP team easily and quickly adapts their software to support us.”

Download our case study to learn more!

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