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5 Crucial Shipping & Freight Tips

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We have a complimentary e-book that will guide you on the important things to evaluate when you are looking for a computer platform or program to improve your shipping & freight processes. Use our guide to take the guess work out of the options that are out there.

Not all Transportation Management Systems (TMS) are equal. If you are looking to have smoother shipping processes, better management of your entire supply chain, and ways to save money on shipping rates and internal labor, you need to arm yourself with what to look for in TMS software. 

GUIDE TO TMS - Reducing Freight & Shipping

Our guide outlines specific evaluation criteria on the 5 critical TMS features you need to shop for,  which include:

1) Flexibility & Functionality

2) Multi-modal Capability

3) Automation

4) Ease of Implementation/Set up

5) Budget 

We used to try and manage our distribution using spreadsheets and shipping websites. We moved to an enterprise TMS for a few years, but it was costly, hard to implement and update, and only satisfied 70% of our needs. We have since developed methods that have saved us hundreds of thousands of dollars in shipping spend (over the past five years alone!).  

Access 5 Must-Have Tips - A Buyer's Guide To Shipping Software!

Let us help you shop for the best shipping software. With the help of this guide, you will navigate your options like a pro!
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