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Case Study: How LogiQuip Integrated their Supply Chain in Record Time

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CASE STUDY: How LogiQuip, an award-winning medical company uses FreightPOP's integrated solutions to reduce internal errors and provide a reliable experience for users.

FreightPOP is consistently rated high by users for our customer support in responding readily to customer questions and quickly resolving any issues. But our latest case study highlights how solid our IT support and implementation teams are. 

FreightPOP is not a simple out-of-the-box transportation management system. For companies that need custom functionality and integrations with internal APIs and various business systems, FreightPOP delivers with smart integrations and easy implementation. 

Our teams work alongside your teams to pull the in-house innovations you have deployed together with FreightPOP's TMS that revolutionizes the time and cost it takes to process shipments. 

Read our case study highlighting how LogiQuip, who ships medical equipment throughout North America, found FreightPOP highly experienced in:

  • Connecting their custom APIs
  • Capturing data throughout their supply chain, bringing immediate visibility across departments 
  • Innovating solutions that work and delivering to quoted timeframes 

Read our case study and learn why LogiQuip MIS Manager Rob Fahndrich claims: 


"FreightPOP was extremely helpful in assisting me with their API system, and as a result, I have been able to create better tools for our end users."


Learn how to access the support and functionality your current transportation management system is missing!

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