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Custom Wheel Company Kicks it up a Notch - Tracks Shipments Smarter

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When a custom-design wheel retailer said they needed reliable tracking and streamlined shipping to free up labor and improve service to their work truck customers, we exceeded expectations. 

Understanding the Customer's Need

One of our newest customers, a retailer/wholesaler who designs high-performing wheel packages for 1-tonne trucks, recently decided to get strategic on their shipping processes.

The customer's business is relatively new and growing quickly, along with their reputation for high quality, safe, and attractive cutting edge wheel package designs that towing and hauling customers rely on.  

They came to us with a typical shipping load of 80-90% parcel, with 70 LTL monthly shipments. They explained they were still relying on manual tracking via Microsoft Excel. Recognizing they required digital logistical processes to scale, they also shared that they currently had an employee spending 2+ hours a day trying to keep track of shipments and update customers via email.   

The customer specifically required a way to:

  • Track shipments in one place instead of logging in and out of multiple carrier websites
  • Reduce manual data entry, which required extensive labor and incurred data error risks 
  • Readily send communications and automate tracking updates to customers

Here is how FreightPOP met the customer's specific pain points:



How we deliver on the customer need



FreightPOP offers robust tracking tools, including:

  • Real-time tracking of all shipments, with 3PL visibility
  • Customizable proactive notification of delays or issues—internally or directly to customers
  • Multi-leg tracking capabilities
  • Outbound & inbound tracking
  • Filtering by mode, carrier, or destination
  • Complete visibility enabling shipping supervisors to see all shipments on a single centralized platform


Our customer access powerful API connections and integrations that allow them to:

  • Receive, update, and track orders from external applications (something our Capterra reviews have been singling out for years) 
  • Connect with carriers across all modes: Parcel, LTL, FTL, Air & Ocean 
  • Connect to warehouse ERP and WMS systems and business applications, such as QuickBooks to pull and push invoices straight to vendors and customers 


FreightPOP makes shipping quick and straightforward by: 

  • Automating communication on orders and tracking (including tracking updates)
  • Allowing one-click emailing capabilities directly from the shipping platform (no need to log into an email platform)
  • Helping customers deliver piece of mind to their customers who worry and call when they are unsure where shipments are (reduce customer complaint calls!)



Overall Customer Benefits

When asked what they valued most about FreightPOP's shipping software, our customer responded:

  • "Being able to successfully track all our shipments at a glance and streamline our current process while keeping our customers up to date on their orders
  • Able to track our shipments without having to book the shipments through (carrier) systems
  • Great customer service
  • Fair pricing"


Want to Learn more?

There is much more to FreightPOP than streamlined shipping and tools that upgrade your customer service. Download our case study showcasing how an award-winning product designer and manufacturer uses our software to gather hot business intel that helps them hold carriers accountable for service issues and invoice discrepancies

The case study is free and full of valuable examples of how we can perform at this level for your business. 

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