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From Sticky Situations to Smooth Shipping: An Adhesive Leader's Transformation

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For 45 years, our latest customer – a titan in adhesive solutions – has been crafting the perfect product for every project. Their unbeatable blend of customer partnership, innovative spirit, and top-notch products has set them leagues ahead in sectors from construction to manufacturing. Ready for an inside look? Let’s unravel their journey to logistics excellence in our newest customer spotlight!


In the complex landscape of shipping and logistics, this company faced several challenges. They struggled with:

  • No straightforward mechanism for tracking and accessing shipping and carrier data.
  • Relying on a weight-centric transportation management system (TMS), leading to inaccuracies in shipping rates.
  • The manual process of auditing freight shipments.
  • A disjointed Accounts Payable process, resulting in managing carrier invoices via emails, which consumed significant daily man-hours.

The Company Sought:

  • A sophisticated system that offered permissions-based user access, to provide precise operational control.
  • A solution to minimize the repetitive need to access multiple carrier websites due to the absence of consolidated shipping and third-party carrier information.
  • Seamless in-house integration with their SQL-based ERP system.
  • A platform capable of synchronizing with freight carriers from both Canadian and U.S. regions.

How FreightPOP met the Company's Needs:

FreightPOP Tools

How We Deliver on Customer Needs


FreightPOP provides:

  • A unified platform for all shipping and carrier information, eliminating the need to navigate multiple carrier websites
  • A user-friendly interface that enhances operational efficiency


Bridging any geographical gaps, FreightPOP:

  • Offers integration with carriers across Canada and the USA
  • Ensures accurate and instantaneous data access from both regions


Tailoring to the company's technical needs, FreightPOP:

  • Enables smooth integration with the SQL-based ERP system
  • Assures seamless data synchronization and real-time updates


Understanding their need for detailed control, FreightPOP provides:

  • Customized user access with specific permissions for each role
  • Secure and streamlined user authentication processes




FreightPOP's solution transformed the adhesive provider's logistics, merging seamlessly with their SQL-based ERP and boosting operations. With direct links to Canadian and USA carriers, their logistics game was elevated to new heights.

With logistics now in capable hands, the company can channel its focus on its primary mission—delivering unmatched adhesive solutions. Their operational transformation stands as evidence of FreightPOP's commitment to refining and enhancing logistical processes for businesses.

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