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Navigating the Logistics Journey: How an Adhesive Manufacturing Leader Excelled with FreightPOP

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With a 45-year legacy of producing top-quality adhesive products, our customer—a manufacturing giant in adhesive solutions—stands out in the industry. Their customer-centric approach, innovative mindset, and exceptional product range have made them industry leaders across construction, manufacturing, and beyond. Let’s explore how they improved their logistics journey with the help of FreightPOP.

Key Logistics Challenges

In the complex world of shipping and logistics, this adhesive company encountered several significant obstacles:

  1. Scattered Shipping Data: There wasn't an efficient way to track or access shipping and carrier information across their systems.
  2. Rate Inaccuracies: Their TMS's weight-focused system led to frequent inaccuracies in shipping rates.
  3. Time-Consuming Audits: The team was overwhelmed with manual freight shipment auditing.
  4. Fragmented Invoice Processing: Handling carrier invoices through emails drained significant resources and time.

The Company’s Wishlist

To overcome these hurdles, the company sought:

  • A system offering precise control with permissions-based user access.
  • A way to streamline access to shipping and carrier data without hopping between various websites.
  • Seamless integration with their SQL-based ERP system.
  • A platform compatible with both Canadian and U.S. freight carriers.

FreightPOP’s Solutions

Centralized Carrier Data

FreightPOP’s platform consolidates all shipping and carrier data into a single dashboard, reducing the need to visit multiple carrier websites and enhancing efficiency. The manufacturer is now able to rate shop their own negotiated carrier rates to our rates and marketplace rates, shipping on the most cost-effective option every time. 

Carrier Connectivity

FreightPOP’s platform seamlessly connects carriers from both Canada and the USA, offering accurate data for both regions. This integration allows the adhesive provider to efficiently handle cross-border shipments, easily access shipping options, and quickly compare rates—all within a single platform.

ERP Integration

FreightPOP seamlessly integrates with the company’s SQL-based ERP system, offering real-time data updates and a cohesive logistics perspective. With over 1,500 integrations, we empower our clients to effortlessly sync their existing systems and achieve end-to-end supply chain optimization.

User Permissions

FreightPOP offers detailed user access control, allowing the company to customize access permissions based on specific roles and needs. User access and visibility can be as loose or restrictive as desired - it's fully customizable. 

The Impact

FreightPOP's innovative solutions dramatically transformed the adhesive provider's logistics landscape, seamlessly embedding into their ERP system and establishing direct connections with carriers throughout North America. This seamless integration brought an unprecedented level of operational clarity, enabling the company to streamline its shipping processes and gain real-time insights into its logistics network. As a result, the provider could shift its focus back to its core mission of delivering high-quality adhesive solutions, confident that FreightPOP was efficiently managing their logistics.

The comprehensive integration unified their disparate logistics data and allowed them to effortlessly navigate their entire shipping process from a single platform. This consolidation eliminated the need for manual intervention in rate shopping, data entry, and shipment tracking, vastly reducing operational overhead and error rates. FreightPOP's platform also empowered them to leverage their negotiated rates or access marketplace rates with ease, giving them unprecedented flexibility in choosing the best shipping options.

In enabling the company to focus on its primary goals, FreightPOP's solutions revolutionized their logistics operations. The ability to instantly connect with carriers across the continent ensured smooth transportation for their products, while the ERP integration meant their shipping data stayed up-to-date and accurate. The platform's user-friendly interface further streamlined workflows, reducing the learning curve for their team and enhancing productivity.

This journey exemplifies how FreightPOP's powerful tools empower businesses to overcome complex logistics challenges. By providing an end-to-end solution that optimizes operations and enhances customer satisfaction, FreightPOP positions its clients to thrive in today's competitive market, allowing them to concentrate on their core business objectives without being bogged down by logistical concerns.

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