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Retailer Upgrades Shipping With SAP S/4HANA Integration

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Does your TMS fail to connect with SAP S/4HANA? This was something a new client of ours encountered when trying to replace their transportation management system that was being discontinued. Here's how FreightPOP helped!

Shopping for a TMS

The time had come for this high-end retail client to upgrade their shipping operations. Not only did their sunsetting TMS not connect to critical business systems, which meant they were not getting real-time logistics updates, but they also needed to pull together LTL and FTL shipments into a single platform and obtain quotes more efficiently—they were still relying on one-to-one emails and phone calls with carriers for spot quotes!

This retailer had a lot of movements to stay on top of. They have heavy intra-company shipments from their manufacturing site to their distribution centers, where they are continually rebalancing inventory. They also organize a lot of inbound materials from several domestic vendors to their primary site.

And while they were shopping around for a new TMS, they extended their search to include the accommodation of custom shipping labels, automatically pulling invoices from their EDI, and business intelligence tools that would give them auditing capabilities into invoices and carrier performance.  

Customers Challenges:

Primarily, this customer struggled with:

  • Gathering accurate shipping quotes for their clients purchasing from online 
  • The lack of integration with SAP S/4HANA
  • Custom configure freight invoices via EDI 
  • Freight auditing capabilities 

How FreightPOP met the customer's needs:

FreightPOP Tools

How We Deliver on Customer Needs

Spot Quotes

FreightPOP makes spot quoting simple and quick by:

  • Enabling rate shopping across multiple carriers inside a single screen—No logging in and out of carrier websites for quotes!

  • Real-time acceptance and response to carriers from the quoting platform

  • A way to email quotes to your team directly from the system

  • Access to FreightPOP partner rate discounts (pre-contracted LTL & FTL rates) 

Powerful Integrations

From basic to complex setups, FreightPOP delivers seamless integration experiences for customers.

Integration options include:

  • Integration into business tools (ERP, WMS, CRM, inventory/ordering systems, SAP, QuickBooks, etc.)
  • Multimodal - connection to carriers across all modes on one platform: Parcel, LTL, FTL, Air & Ocean 
  • Receive, update, and track orders from external applications (something our Capterra reviews have been singling out for years)
  • Invoice submissions via a customer portal - automate payments to carriers and customers

Freight Auditing

Robust auditing tools enable customers to analyze:

  • Quote/invoice discrepancies (invoice auditing)
    • Matching POs and invoices
    • Double-checking discounts and contracted rates
    • Identify duplicate charges
    • Check tax rates
    • Find accessorial errors
    • GL Coding 
    • EDI invoicing
    • Identifying HAZMAT material fees not matching quotes

  • Automated invoice reporting for auditing purposes



Results With FreightPOP

With FreightPOP's TMS platform, the client has seamless load tendering and connectivity to their carriers and freight partners, with real-time data feeding back to SAP S/4HANA. 

They have found FreightPOP's system incredibly user-friendly, with intuitive navigation, reducing the training time required. They are now in a much stronger position to manage their logistics with at-a-glance views of movements and auditing tools to help them learn and develop operations. 

Download the customer breakdown:

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