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Grocery Distributor Makes The Most Of Resources - Ships With FreightPOP

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Like many businesses, you have to be clever about using your resources. See how this grocery wholesaler with limited staff plugged into FreightPOP to get more done!

The Customer

This grocery distributor based out of Pennsylvania spent an enormous amount of time emailing, calling and effectively wasting time each day chasing carriers for freight quotes, documents, and tracking info. With just one staff member responsible for all things transportation and sales-related, this "time suck" took away from that person's ability to sell and grow the business.  

They desperately needed a resolution. 

Customer Specific Challenges

Needed more time

Before the customer came to us, they relied solely on manual processes to obtain quotes, organize shipments, print labeling, and track shipments. This meant constant logging in and out of carrier websites or relying on cumbersome email and phone calls (and phone-tag). 

They didn't know it yet, but we were about to change the game for them completely!

Heavy Domestic LTL & FTL Shipments

The customer moves roughly 400 mostly reefer shipments around the country a year. They rely on 50+ brokers across various regions, meaning importing their carrier list into any transportation software they decided to use was vital to minimize service disruptions.

Blind Shipping Requirements

Lastly, the distributor's wish list for a transportation software solution included a way to ensure seamless blind shipping. As a broker moving groceries from farmers and manufacturers to retailers, they required a system that could automatically provide the shipping paperwork and labeling needed for those blind shipments. A system clever enough to set up business rules per shipment.   

FreightPOP's Transportation Management System Delivers!

How FreightPOP met the customer's need:

FreightPOP's Shipping Software Solution

How we deliver on the customer need


Rate Shipping &
Spot Quoting

FreightPOP provides:

    • Cross mode shipping comparison - Rate shopping across multiple carriers and modes (parcel & freight) on a single screen—No logging in and out of carrier websites!
    • Access to pre-contracted LTL & FTL carrier networks (With access to our partner rate discounts!)

  • Consolidated batch shipping tools - useful for reverse logistics
  • Real-time acceptance and response to carriers
  • "Set and forget" shipping rules allowing customer instructions per customer on every shipment


Custom Labeling &
BUsiness Rules



FreightPOP's engineers have extensive experience in seamlessly integrating warehouse and business systems into our transportation management system.

Our integrations include:

  • Connection to business tools (ERP, WMS, CRM, inventory/ordering systems, QuickBooks, etc.) - Allows for carrier quoting right inside NetSuite!
  • Over 300+ standard carrier integrations & customer integrations catered for
  • Support for hundreds of standard and custom integrations 
  • Connections to in-house Apps
  • Receive, update, and track orders from external applications (something our Capterra reviews praise FreightPOP for)


Results with FreightPOP

Through FreightPOP's shipping tools, the customer's staff member saves up to 35% of their working day, giving them much more time for sales.

Additionally, the customer now has access to freight & carrier auditing, allowing them to assess carrier performance and determine where they can best save money—something their manual processes before did not allow them time for.  

The customer has gone from spot quotes taking 5+ minutes each, Google spreadsheet tracking, and guess-reporting to a streamlined, heavily automated system that we like to call "one-click logistics"!  


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