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How a fulfillment company improved their HAZMAT and International shipping

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CUSTOMER SPOTLIGHT: Read how a major private label manufacturer with over 50 production lines found the perfect TMS shipping solution for their HAZMAT and international shipping needs.

FreightPOP gives high-volume shippers exceptional tools through our TMS platform. Recently  a manufacturer came to us with precise requirements to integrate our solution into their business lines.

In addition to manufacturing production lines for multiple companies, the company also operates a contract packaging & filling business. They ship freight and parcel all over the world, with numerous product lines categorized as dangerous goods. 

This company was unsuccessful in finding a TMS solution that streamlined their HAZMAT and international shipments with reliable results—until they met FreightPOP.

The company specifically required shipping software that can:

  1. Streamline HAZMAT shipments
  2. Ensure smooth, high-volume international shipping  
  3. Quickly and smoothly integrate with their top carriers and business system

How FreightPOP met their need:

FreightPOP's Shipping Software Solution

How we delivered on the customer's need

Facilitate HAZMAT Shipping

FreightPOP makes it easy for the customer to ship their HAZMAT shipments.

Features we offer include:

  • Print FedEx HAZMAT forms

  • Easily create HAZMAT shipping support documents

  • Auditing tools that helped the customer identify carrier discrepancies on HAZMAT material fees that do not match quotes

International Shipping Tools

The customer can easily manage bulk parcel and freight on LTL, FTL, and International air & ocean shipments in one place with FreightPOP.

International shipping features include:

  • Support for International Air and Shipping

  • A way to shop TMS's partner rates

  • Consolidated batch shipping

  • At-a-glance tracking overviews of multileg, multilateral, and 3PL shipments

Smooth API Integrations

Our engineers have extensive experience in integrating our platform quickly and efficiently to warehouse and business systems (scales, printers, etc.). 

From basic to complex setups, we delivered a seamless integration experience for the customer.

Our integration experience includes:

  • Integration into your business tools (ERP, WMS, CRM, inventory/ordering systems, etc.)
  • Over 300+ carrier integrations (UPS, FedEx, USPS, DHL, and more!)
  • Custom integrations where required

FreightPOP combines AI, industry best practices, and a consultative approach to help shippers optimize supply chains.

The needs of high-volume shippers are varied, and often TMS providers fail to deliver on all the elements that ensure they can manage and scale freight. We understand the needs of and deliver enhanced shipping software for enterprise-level shippers. 

Good shipping software should bring as many processes together in one place as possible. Robust integration and customizations where required ensure you are not operating with siloed information. Integrations give you better control and insight along your entire supply chain. 

We not only understand these needs, but we also wrote the book on it! Check out our new eBook, Better Supply Chain Integration to Manage and Scale Freight, to learn more!

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