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How a Major Telco Streamlined International Shipping with FreightPOP

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Read how a major telecom customer streamlines their international shipping through FreightPOP's currency conversion functionality, NetSuite integration, automated documentation, and more!

The Customer

Our customer, a global retailer specializing in mobile phones, found they were encountering a lot of double effort, mistakes, and zero leverage in negotiating carrier rates across their organization in shipping to the more than 80 countries they routinely shipped to. They had fractured processes and desperately required high-level integration between their shipping and NetSuite ERP. 


Customer Specific Challenges

International Shipping Tools 

The customer had minimal tools to organize their high volume shipping. The bulk of their international movements were organized through emails to freight forwarders, which were cumbersome, caused them to miss lead times, and provided zero business intelligence to help them negotiate rates or improve carrier service—intelligence carriers certainly have access to when negotiating with them.  

Too Many Manual Processes

The customer relied heavily on manual processes in generating required carrier and Customs documentation. With these outdated processes came a lot of double-entry, resulting in human error with paperwork not matching up and causing numerous costly mistakes.

NetSuite ERP Integration Into Shipping

A lack of integration between the customer's shipping processes and ERP meant they had no visibility into shipping data across their organization. This left management powerless to even accurately assess monthly and annual shipping volumes.  

The lack of integration between systems meant the customer had no centralization across the organization, leading to siloed data and numerous fractured systems.

FreightPOP's Transportation Management System

How FreightPOP met the customer's needs:

FreightPOP's Shipping Software Solution

How we deliver on the customer need

International Shipping

FreightPOP gives the customer control and insight into international shipments, including:

  • Automated Customs documentation for:
    • Automated Export System (AES)  
    • Shipper's Letter of Intent (SLI)
    • Electronic Export Information (EEI)
  • Real-time at-a-glance tracking overviews on all shipments, including multileg
  • Currency conversion tool

  Rate Shopping

FeightPOP provides:

    • Cross mode shipping comparison - Rate shopping across multiple carriers and modes (parcel & freight) on a single screen—No logging in and out of carrier websites!
    • Access to pre-contracted LTL & FTL carrier networks (With access to our partner rate discounts!)
  • Consolidated batch shipping tools - useful for reverse logistics
  • Real-time acceptance and response to carriers
  • "Set and forget" shipping rules allowing customer instructions per customer on every shipment

ERP Integration


FreightPOP's engineers have extensive experience in seamlessly integrating warehouse and business systems into our transportation management system.

Our integrations include:

  • Connection to business tools (ERP, WMS, CRM, inventory/ordering systems, QuickBooks, etc.) - Allows for carrier quoting right insite NetSuite!
  • Over 300+ standard carrier integrations & customer integrations catered for
  • Support for hundreds of standard and custom integrations 
  • Connections to in-house Apps
  • Receive, update, and track orders from external applications (something our Capterra reviews praise FreightPOP for)

Customer portals

Customer portals allow shippers' customers or divisions of business to access information, such as specific shipping authorizations, order tracking, and shipping history. 

Vendor and supplier portals also:

  • Enable easier reverse logistics
  • Provide shippers with visibility into their inbound shipments
  • Allow you to pull and push invoices straight to vendors and customers


A Transportation Management System With Results

FreightPOP significantly reduced the customer's international shipping roadblocks and improved how they moved products generally. The true game-changers here for them were quickly converting currency rates and automating documentation to stay compliant with Customs and international shipping requirements.  

Our transportation management system also enabled them to lower shipping costs and reduce the amount of labor spent organizing shipments and rectifying issues. The integration with their NetSuite ERP was particularly instrumental here. 

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