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Webinar: How to Eliminate Chargebacks and Boost Your Bottom Line

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This webinar session, coming Wednesday, August 16th at 10:00am PST, features a panel of logistics experts who will talk about every shipper's nightmare -  chargebacks. Topics will include how chargeback trends in the industry will shift as we ride out the rest of 2023, and what you can do about it. Learn how to eliminate chargebacks altogether and boost your bottom line with hot tips from the experts at FreightPOP and dimensioning hardware provider, Cubiscan. 

Our panel will also answer live questions—we encourage you to register soon to participate!

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carrier chargebacks:

all shippers know the struggle

We've all heard economic experts discussing a potential recession in 2023, and though we've not yet seen it come to fruition, shippers still need to keep an eye on processes that are draining their bottom line. With chargebacks comes not only the additional cost associated with the shipment itself, but any fees and reweighing costs that the carrier tacks on. 

So how can you eliminate chargebacks altogether? What can your teams do differently?

We welcome a hard-hitting panel with a wealth of logistics and freight experience, including:

  • Cubiscan President, Randy Neilson
  • Cubiscan Director of Client Services, Jeff Wade
  • FreightPOP Head of Partnerships, Jon Freeman
  • FreightPOP CRO/Co-founder  Justin Dickson

Our goal is to help you take action, learn how to eliminate carrier chargebacks, and experience operational efficiency that leads to increased revenue and lowered costs. Please register and come with questions and insights you'd like to share! Register by clicking the image below! 

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