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Syspro ERP And Custom BOL App Integrations Give Manufacturer Peace of Mind

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Industry-leading lamination manufacturer struggling to find solid logistics software to integrate into Syspro and support their transportation goals across 5 major U.S. facilities finds FreightPOP.

Customer Challenges

With a growth trajectory spinning for laminate products since 2021, the customer came to us while dealing with record-high volumes (800 FTL, 80 LTL per month) and a brand new facility opening. They had several challenges they sought to overcome that their legacy transportation management system (TMS) was not meeting. 

The customer desperately needed to: 

  • Keep reliable track of deliveries
  • Maintain clear records, with double-entry still required in Syspro and on carrier websites for each order
  • Access a better way to arrange shipments rather than calling, emailing, and visiting carrier sites to gather quotes  
  • Obtain delivery and shipping data across modes for KPI tracking and reporting (the customer was still relying on Google Sheets to monitor transportation goals)

How FreightPOP met the customer's needs:

FreightPOP's TMS

How we deliver on the customer's need


No logging in and out of carrier sites to track shipments! FreightPOP now offers SmartTRACK:

  • Quickly filter by mode, carrier, or destination
  • 3PL shipment visibility
  • Customizable proactive notification of delays or issues - internally or directly to your customer
  • 100% accurate reporting direct from the carrier
  • Easy-to-understand statuses

We reduce the friction businesses encounter with carriers and provide a more concise way to communicate shipping status to customers.


FreightPOP's engineers have extensive experience seamlessly integrating warehouse and business systems into our TMS.

Integrations include:

  • Connection to business tools (ERP, WMS, CRM, inventory/ordering systems, QuickBooks, etc.)
  • Over 300+ standard carrier integrations 
  • Support for hundreds of standard and custom integrations, including in-house Apps


FreightPOP is loaded with standard reports that help customers stay on top of transportation KPIs and gather business intelligence for negotiating carrier contracts. Reports include:

  • Carrier lane data (multi-mode)
  • Spend by carrier and mode
  • Quote/invoice discrepancies (invoice audit)
    • GL Coding 
    • EDI invoicing
    • Customers save up to 15% by auditing invoices
  • Shipping rate compliance ensures employees use the correct rates
  • And more!

Custom reporting is available at no additional charge.

Custom Labeling

FreightPOP supports custom labeling and automatically pulls order data into shipping forms, such as BOLs, packing slips, customs declarations, and more


results With FreightPOP


The customer's Director of Purchasing & Logistics worked alongside FreightPOP as the TMS was implemented and found the most immediate value in:

  • Syspro integration
    Seamless communication between systems improved overall shipping management. Double entry in Syspro and carrier websites also slashed data errors and improved customer service.

  • The reduction of labor in organizing shipments
    Integrations and automation drastically cut the time to shop for quotes and make bookings.

  • Custom BOL app integration
    Faster and more accurate paperwork further reduced costly errors.

  • Auditing  
    The ability to access logistics data has put the customer on track to evaluate shipping processes and carriers and inform future decisions.

Want to See FreightPOP in Action?

Download our new case study showcasing how we helped a division of Kyocera streamline their shipping across their U.S. facilities and aid them in negotiating fairer shipping rates with carriers.

kyocera case study