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Supporting Our Shippers With Reliable IT and Custom Configurations

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CUSTOMER SPOTLIGHT: Brief overview of how we helped a manufacturer maintain their competitive advantage through ongoing IT support and custom configurations.   

FreightPOP's care and expertise in serving shippers are among the top accolades we consistently hear in customer reviews. We know each business has its own unique needs, and our priority is to set you up on shipping software that works for your business, with your carriers, and best serves your customers.

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The Customer

When a manufacturer of high-performance taps, drills, and rotary files reached out to us, they had some specific requirements—including a high expectation of quality and reliability. The manufacturer has been honing its craft and business for nearly 120 years and prides itself on strong factory-to-factory relationships where on-time deliverables and high-end quality are the status quo.

The manufacturer had several pain points to solve for but specifically had two key expectations:

1) Reliable Customer Support: Their current TMS shipping software was obsolete, losing its IT support by Fall 2021. They sought an ongoing partner.

2) Custom Labeling: They required customer labels and configuration to create:

  • SSC 128 labels
  • Special labels for their Aerospace clients
  • Special configuration on packing slips

Here is how we solved for their top requirements and other significant pain points:


FreightPOP's Shipping Software Solution


How we deliver on the customer need

Customer Support

Our support team is readily available via phone, email, or through our website chat box at extended working hours.  

Custom Labeling 

Our TMS supports custom labeling and automatically pulls order data into shipping forms, such as BOLs and packing slips. 

Ability to Ship Third Party

With FreightPOP, shippers can ship on their customer, 3PL, or broker carrier account numbers, eliminating the need to visit carrier websites to book or track orders.

ERP Integration

Shippers can seamlessly connect to internal business apps and systems, with more than 300 pre-integrated solutions and custom integrations supported. 

Vendor, Supplier, and Customer Portals

Customer portals allow shippers' customers to access information, such as order tracking and shipment history. Vendor and supplier portals also provide our shippers with visibility into their inbound shipments.


FreightPOP is loaded with standard reports that include:

  • Carrier lane data (multi-mode)
  • Spend by carrier and mode
  • Quote/invoice discrepancies (invoice audit)
    • GL Coding 
    • EDI invoicing
    • Customers save up to 15% by auditing invoices
  • Shipping rate compliance ensures employees use the correct rates
  • Custom reporting at no additional charge
  • And more!


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