2019 was an amazing year for us with the fast-paced roll out of more customizable shipping software features, a steady uptake by new customers, and new supporting partnerships.

As we take a moment to reflect on some of the guides and articles we’ve put out this year to help shipping and freight professionals, we have rounded up our top 5 blog posts of 2019. We highlight them here and share links to some of the major guides and handbooks we put out in 2019. 

Top Shipping & Freight Blog Posts of 2019


1) 4 Tips on Negotiating Shipping Rates

This post is actually the highest rated post we have ever had. Here we highlight our best practices on effectively negotiating shipping rates, straight from shippers who have been in the industry for over 20 years.

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2) New FreightPOP Features Give Customers Greater Supply Chain Visibility Tools

shipping_software_featuresAs part of our continual quest to offer enterprise shipping software to small and medium sized business, we are constantly rolling out new integrations and features to our TMS solution. This post highlighted some changes we made earlier in the year that really resonated with followers. In it, we highlighted our customer, vendor, and carrier portals, multi-leg shipping management capabilities, and more.

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how_to_buy_shipping_software3) 9 Questions To Ask When Buying Shipping Software

In this post, we offer guidance on what to look for in a TMS solution, or Transportation Management System. Not all systems offer equal customization, features, and affordability. We highlight the critical elements to look for.

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saas_vs_onsite_shipping_software4) The Difference Between SaaS and the Traditional On-premise software?

A look at the cost, support & maintenance, and implementation & scalability aspects between SaaS (subscription-based, software as a service shipping software) and a Transportation Management System. 

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nmfc_codes5) NMFC Codes for Freight Classification

Lastly, our post on NMFC classifications was extremely useful to many of our followers. Here we look at some of the issues you'll encounter if you class your freight incorrectly, how the codes are set up, and tips on staying compliant.

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Top Shipping & Freight Guides of 2019

We developed three guides in 2019. 

TMS_guide1) Transportation Management Systems Guide

This guide looks at how to reduce shipping and freight costs.

Topics include:

  • Workflow and Process Automation
  • Pooling Shipments
  • Streamlining Bills of Lading (BOL)
  • Real-time Carrier & Marketplace Rate Shopping
  • Freight Invoice Auditing
  • And more!

A PDF copy can be accessed here.


carrier rate shopping-12) Freight & Shipping Optimization Guide 

This guide stays true to our mission statement: Allow Shippers to Ship Smarter, and Ship Easier.

Topics include:

  • Current State of the Freight Industry
  • Where the Industry is Heading
  • Why Brokers Are Not Your Best Bet
  • Tips on How to Negotiate on Rates
  • Optimization Tips

A PDF copy can be accessed here.



buyers guide thumbnail3) TMS Buyer's Guide

This guide looks at 5 specific features you should have in a robust TMS and lays out evaluation criteria for each.

Features include:

  1. Flexibility & Function
  2. “All-In-One" & Across All Modes
  3. Workflow Automation
  4. Implementation
  5. Cost Considerations

A PDF copy can be accessed here.