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Global Printer Fast Tracks Shipping With Powerful ERP Integration

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When a pioneering print and press production supplier sought a powerful TMS solution that could easily integrate into Rootstock ERP and Oracle 11i, FreightPOP fit the bill! Find out how we helped them slash rates, centralize their shipping across departments, and vastly improve international and domestic tracking.

Customers Challenges:

Before signing up with FreightPOP, this global printer dealt with several critical challenges many high-volume shippers encounter. They were frequently in the dark about where shipments were, had a lot of manual processes, and needed a centralized way to coordinate inbounds and outbounds. 

Additionally, a core part of their business is their customer service—from project inception, planning, and completion, they pride themselves on providing highly innovative concepts, support, and minimal downtime. Tracking shipments and reducing ordering errors due to double and manual entries became vital issues.  

How FreightPOP met the customer's needs:

FreightPOP Tools

How We Deliver on Customer Needs


FreightPOP has extensive experience seamlessly integrating warehouse and business systems into our transportation management system.

Our integrations include:

  • Connection to business tools (ERP, WMS, CRM, inventory/ordering systems, Rootstock ERP, Oracle, QuickBooks, etc.) - Allows for carrier quoting right inside NetSuite!
  • Over 300+ standard carrier integrations  & support for custom integrations — track global inbounds and outbounds
  • Connections to in-house Apps
  • Receive, update, and track orders from external applications (See our Capterra reviews re integrations)

Centralized Shipping

FreightPOP reduces the friction businesses encounter in-house across departments and with external carriers by centralizing order and shipping data. FreightPOP offers:

  • Complete visibility enabling shipping supervisors to see all shipments on a single centralized platform
  • Real-time tracking of all shipments, with 3PL visibility
  • Customizable proactive notification of delays or issues—internally between teams or directly to customers
  • No logging in and out of carrier sites to track shipments!
    • Multi-leg tracking capabilities
    • Outbound & inbound tracking


HAZMAT Shipping 

FreightPOP makes it easy for customers to ship HAZMAT shipments.

Features we offer include:

  • No need for third-party HAZMAT software - assistance for LTL, FTL, and FedEx Express
  • Easily create HAZMAT shipping support documents
  • Auditing tools to identify carrier discrepancies on HAZMAT material fees that do not match quotes


Results With FreightPOP

Integrating a transportation management system (TMS) into the customer's business systems was a game changer for them. They formally relied on many processes throughout the order cycle that required manual or double entry and visits to third-party websites. A one-stop screen giving order details and shipping statuses to their sales, customer service, and finance teams saves them hours of labor and improves their customer service.

The customer has also found value in FreightPOP's access to:

  • Carrier rate shopping on a single screen
  • HAZMAT shipping support
  • Order printout functionality with order details and barcode for shipping team
  • Carrier reporting to assess service to quotes
  • Lowest Quote Shipping Compliance reporting to monitor staff compliance

 Download the customer breakdown:

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