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How a Designer Furniture Brand is Offering Better Shipping to Customers

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Today's customer spotlight is on a high-end furniture brand designing for online catalogs and IKEA home & storage systems. Learn how they secured a better logistics system through FreightPOP! 

Before coming to FreightPOP, this customer was swamped with launching new products and SKUs and desperately needed streamlined shipping to make things easier for their customers and internal teams. They also needed a more reliable way to attach costs to orders by quickly securing carrier shipping rates while adding their markup of 15%.  

Customers Challenges:

Primarily, the customer struggled with:

  • Gathering accurate shipping quotes for their clients purchasing from retail and vendor websites 
  • Automating the rate shopping process - They spent too much time visiting carrier websites for freight quoting and tracking.
  • Building repeatable and scalable shipping processes that could handle their growth 

How FreightPOP met the customer's needs:

FreightPOP Tools

How We Deliver on Customer Needs



Customer portals allow shippers' customers or divisions of business to access information, such as specific shipping authorizations, order tracking, and shipping history. 

Vendor and supplier portals also:

  • Enable easier reverse logistics
  • Provide shippers with visibility into their inbound shipments
  • Allow pulling and pushing of invoices straight to vendors and customers
  • Allow customers to access information, such as order tracking and shipment history


FeightPOP provides:

  • Cross mode shipping comparison - Rate shopping across multiple carriers and modes (parcel & freight) on a single screen—No logging in and out of carrier websites!
  • Access to pre-contracted LTL & FTL carrier networks (With access to our partner rate discounts!)
  • Real-time acceptance and response to carriers
  • "Set and forget" shipping rules allowing customer instructions per customer on every shipment
  • At-a-glance live tracking overviews on all shipments, including multileg 


FreightPOP makes shipping simple through:  

  • Automatically print labels, invoices, and BOLS
  • Create rules to help business users follow corporate policy 
  • Simplify return shipments
  • Create HAZMAT shipping support documents
  • Autopopulate NMFCs and commodities


Results With FreightPOP

Through FreightPOP's TMS platform, the customer provides better checking out and delivery experiences for customers, saves money by accessing quick carrier quotes and FreightPOP's preferred partner LTL rates, and maintains repeatable and scalable shipping processes through robust automations and integrations. 

Additional features our customer has noted as invaluable include:

  • NetSuite and Retail Integrations
  • EDI LTL Invoice Pull Automation  
  • Drop Shipping and 3rd party Shipping Support
  • Address Validation
  • Hard Workflows on Customers (i.e., Customer "A" should always ship with FedEx.)

FreightPOP Ranks 319 on Inc. 5000

Last month,
FreightPOP was listed on the Inc. 5000's annual list, highlighting our massive 3-year growth. We are incredibly honored and look forward to continued success in helping our customers simplify and streamline their logistics. Check out our announcement on the raking to learn more!

FreightPOP Ranks 319 on Inc. 5000!